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Wedding planning guide pdf

Learn How to Become a Wedding Planner. As a wedding planner with years of experience in the events industry, I can honestly wedding planning guide pdf that my first few months in the business challenged my ideas of what a wedding planner really is. The daily stresses and personalities that came with the career were almost too much to handle at first. Many people see the wedding planning career as a romantic and filled with extravagant parties, unlimited budgets, and clients who nod to your every word.

This is often the exception, not the norm. In this article, I’d like to explain everything that a wedding planner career is and just as importantly, everything it isn’t. I still wouldn’t trade my job for any other, but it does come with its fair share of challenges. Passion and Commitment One of the biggest differences between a standard job and a career as a wedding planner is the time commitment. My best advice is this: if you have a passion for being a wedding planner, learn to love the calls and the unscheduled consultations. If you are not passionate and learn to roll with the punches, the punches will eventually knock you out and you’ll begin to look for new employment.

Honesty and Integrity As a wedding planner, most of my day consists of interacting with clients, the clients’ family and friends, and vendors. Given that I’m interacting with dozens of people for the same event, I may answer the same question ten different times one day. Does this dress make me look fat? You have to be able to answer those questions in a way that is honest but also appropriate to the person you’re speaking to. Inevitably, some vendors will want to pay you a commission for promoting their services above others. In these situations, remember that you are working for your client, so you must ensure that the vendor you are recommending lines up with your client’s needs and fits within their budget.

You must be willing to put your client’s needs above your own, even if that means making a little less commission on the side. Thinking On Your Feet During my years as a wedding planner, I’ve received phone calls at 6AM on the morning of a wedding from a vendor stating they cannot fulfill their contractual obligations. Whatever you do, don’t tell the bride unless you absolutely need to. Building relationships with other vendors is imperative, not only to building a successful referral network, but also for having key resources that you can call upon at a moment’s notice.

I am not a cake designer, but it was my job to smooth the icing on the cake and move it to a cooler place. I am not a seamstress, but I had to quickly pin the dress and calm the bride. I am not a DJ, but it was my responsibility to call upon a trusted DJ in my area and coerce him to step in for the DJ who did not fulfill their contractual duties. Understanding Sensitivity is key when being a wedding planner. You have to be sensitive to needs of multiple people involved in the planning of one event.

Emotions run high, tempers flare, tears flow and usually the wedding planner is the one caught in the middle. You must have a calm personality and be a source of comfort for others in high-stress situations. Conclusion For a lucky few, most of the character traits you’ll need to be an expert wedding planner will come naturally. For the rest of us, these are all skills you will just have to learn in time.

Let me tell you: if you freak out at the thought of a vendor not showing up at the last minute, you are perfectly normal. Not everyone has ice running through their veins, but not to worry: you’ll learn how to channel these emotions into productive activities as you gain experience. Is getting wedding planner certification necessary? What if you’re already creative, crafty, talented and great with details? Where is the best place to get certified as a wedding planner? What about online wedding planner certification?

In today’s competitive atmosphere, wedding planning certification is becoming more and more necessary for aspiring wedding planners. In this article, we’ll go over the different reasons to complete wedding planning certification and where to find the best programs. Let’s start with what I consider to be the most important of all. It’s a Business In my estimation, the most important reason to become a certified wedding planner is to learn the marketing, advertising, merchandising and bookkeeping of the wedding planning business. I come across so many aspiring wedding planners who are masterful at planning weddings but quite lost when it comes to running a business. The two seem to require different parts of your brain and a big part of being successful in this industry is learning how to master both of these skills.

You can waste a lot of time and money if you learn how to market and advertise your business by trial and error. In most cases, brides will hire their wedding planner early in the planning process. Therefore, it will be several months or quite possibly a year before your first wedding will take place, even after you’ve gone through the process of booking your first client. This means it may be a year before you have a review and photos of a completed wedding to use to attract more clients, so quick and effective advertising and marketing is key. Reputation is Everything The second reason to go after your wedding planner certification is your reputation. Learning from an accredited wedding planning certification course instead of learning on the job will hopefully result in great clients reviews starting with your first wedding.

Conclusion For a lucky few, merge many feeds into one single feed with myPLAZOO. Whatever you do, wedding Planner School: Do You Need It? And in today’s society, these are all skills you will just have to learn in time. The more you learn from the mistakes of others or mistakes you make in the classroom, so you must ensure that the vendor you are recommending lines up with your client’s needs and fits within their budget.