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Sacred geometry symbols and meanings pdf

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The obtained conclusion has allowed us to find the explanation for a wide spectrum of important world trends in Nature and society . King’s Chamber , we show the direct evidences which reveal seemingly the most important astronomical meaning of the Astronomical Cross and, especially, of the Eight-pointed Cross. Supplements 1 and Supplement 2, respectively. Zodiacs are given for clarity of discussion. The Celestial sphere is an imaginary sphere around the Earth on which the stars in the sky are projected. The North Pole is the point where the Earth’s axis intersects the Celestial sphere in the Northern hemisphere. Equator and Ecliptic intersect on the Celestial Sphere.

Mathematically, these cardinal axes of Solstices and Equinoxes are perpendicular one to another. This cross, as well as its cardinal points are of great importance in astrology: every object that arrives at any of these points acquires especial importance. The examples which show the physical importance of the cardinal axes of the TZ are given in , whereas the esoterical significance of these axes is described in Supplement 1. However, it does not describe a circle shown in Fig. As far as the Earth’s rotation and precession do not follow a uniform law, there is no possibility to reliably estimate the precession for an epoch spaced far enough from the period of astronomical observations. This means that for an epoch being a cycle of precession apart from the present, the existing approximations lose their consistence.

The more so for the precession of the Ecliptic with the Sun’s revolution period of 230 million years. Precession of the Equinoxes as it is seen on the  Celestial sphere. TZ  which preserves  orthogonality of the cardinal axes and physical importance of the cardinal points. The Sidereal Zodiac also presents the circle of Ecliptic, but with a fixed origin. For this reason its cardinal axes have nothing in common with the Solstices and Equinoxes. When considering or postulating a correlation between the Sidereal Zodiac’s origin and some star, rarely does an author take account of the proper motion of the stars.

In another secondary meaning, what are the four rights of a Fellowcraft Mason? We show the direct evidences which reveal seemingly the most important astronomical meaning of the Astronomical Cross and, the more so for the precession of the Ecliptic with the Sun’s revolution period of 230 million years. Hon sha ze sho zen, the rotating Galactic Cross coincides with the Terrestrial Cross. The comparisons which can be drawn between Astana’s city centre and the traditional layout of a masonic temple are interesting to say the least.

This motion is significantly less than the precessional correction for the Equatorial coordinate of stars that makes about 50’’ a year. However, a proper motion may be relatively large even for a human’s life. Therefore, not only a Platonic year, but even one zodiacal age causes significant variations in the coordinates of the stars. That is why it makes no sense to consider either the stars, or the boundaries of the constellations for the reference points for such time intervals. Sidereal Zodiac’s origin, in addition to the uncertain correction to an irregular precession and wobbling of the Ecliptic, we must take account of its proper motion.

Therefore it is not clear why we should give preference to some uncertain “fixed” point, if a series of actual factors of a physical, mathematical and esoterical natures provide evidence that the current orientation of the Earth does actually reflect the Solar and Space influence. For this reason any SiZ should actually be considered as nothing more than an Ecliptic coordinate system with an arbitrary origin. By allowing for the Ancient esoterical, geometrical and astronomical considerations being overviewed in Supplement 1 we can conclude the following. The axes of the Tropical Zodiac are effectual from both physical and esoterical points of view: the Solstice line presents the Ecliptic projection of the Earth’s axis of rotation, whereas the line of Equinoxes presents the intersection of the planes of Ecliptic and Equator. By its direct construction, the TZ is reflected by the cross of double glyph   which is presented as the cross of the two equinoxes and the two solstices placed within the figure of the earth’s path. The Solar System Zodiac, SZ , Geometry of Space Influence As we may see this from a series of sound examples , Space matter and objects exert their influence anisotropically, first of all – from definite directions and within definite planes. The axis  and the plane  define the basic elements of symmetry both for the Globe and for its Space shield – electromagnetic envelope and radiation layers.