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Radio and satellite navigation pdf

Get Lost radio and satellite navigation pdf the title of a 1940s jazz song, famously recorded by singer and trumpeter Chet Baker. Back then, getting lost was not just a romantic idea but still a realistic one.

Today, it’s almost impossible to get lost, no matter how hard you try. Whether you’re haring down the freeway or scrabbling up Mount Everest, you’re always in sight of satellites spinning through space that can tell you exactly where you are. Photo: Getting lost is a thing of the past thanks to mobile devices like this with built-in GPS receivers and mapping apps. It’s generally much more accurate than other forms of navigation, which have to contend with pesky problems like accurate timekeeping and bad weather. Day and night, 365 days a year, they whiz round Earth once every 12 hours on orbital planes inclined at 55 degrees to the equator. Photo: A NAVSTAR GPS satellite pictured during construction on Earth in 1981.

You can get an idea how big the satellite is from the engineer pictured some distance beneath it. Picture courtesy of US Department of Defense. GPS was kick-started by the US military in 1973 and its satellites are designed to last about 7. Navstar launch was satellite IIF-12 on February 5, 2016. GPS has three major components, technically known as “segments”: there’s one part in space, one part on the ground, and one part in your pocket. Photo: GPS as it used to be. In the 21st century, most smartphones have built in GPS receivers and slip easily into a shirt pocket.

Back in 1978, this is the kind of cutting-edge GPS equipment you would have needed to do the same thing: a large handheld receiver, a giant backpack, and a very big antenna! Photo courtesy of US Air Force. Triangulation Finding your position using satellite signals is a hi-tech version of an age-old navigator’s trick that goes by the name triangulation. Suppose you’re walking through the woods, on completely flat ground, but you don’t know where you are.

Earth” was, in fact, more or less spherical. It’s tempting to imagine how much easier Magellan’s life would have been with satellite navigation, but that gets the logic of things the wrong way round. Trilateration With satellite navigation, your navigational “landmarks” are space satellites whizzing through the sky above your head. Photo: An artist’s impression of the 24 NAVSTAR satellites in orbit around Earth. Satellite navigation systems all work in broadly the same way. There are three parts: the network of satellites, a control station somewhere on Earth that manages the satellites, and the receiving device you carry with you.

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