/Polaris trailblazer 250 service manual pdf

Polaris trailblazer 250 service manual pdf

Please help to improve it, or discuss the issue on the talk page. In cases where multiple nations have developed or produced a missile, it is listed under each significantly participating nation. For an alphabetical list by missile name, see the polaris trailblazer 250 service manual pdf of missiles.

MAA-1A Piranha short-range infrared-homing air-to-air missile. MAA-1B Piranha air-to-air missile, also known as “Piranha II”. Anglo-French: Models AJ 168 and AS. Model of IDAS of the German Navy.

Agni-I MRBM : surface-to-surface medium-range ballistic missile. Agni-II MRBM : surface-to-surface medium-range ballistic missile. Agni-V ICBM : surface-to-surface intercontinental ballistic missile. Astra BVRAAM : active radar homing beyond-visual-range missile. Pradyumna ballistic missile interceptor : ballistic missile interceptor, surface-to-air missile.

As of 2009, Iran has an active interest in developing, acquiring, and deploying a broad range of ballistic missiles, as well as developing a space launch capability. The NATO reporting name of each missile is shown in parentheses behind the proper name. Designators and Symbols for Guided Missiles, Rockets, Probes, Boosters, and Satellites. Air Force: Consecutive numerical sequence for each missile mission type. Army: Single numerical sequence until 1948 when the sequence numbers were restarted.

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Navy: Initially even numbers transitioning to sequential. Air Force treated missiles as pilotless aircraft. 1A version of the Falcon missile was briefly designated the F-104 before it was redesignated as the F-98. 2The X-11 and X-12 designations were assigned to one and three engine test missiles that would have been used to develop a five-engine version of the Atlas missile. 67 which was the last bomber designation used for guided missiles.