/Physiotherapy in neuro conditions pdf

Physiotherapy in neuro conditions pdf

Our services The Community Neuro Rehabilitation Team is a community-based team comprising a mixture of specialist healthcare professionals that offer a specialist neurological rehabilitation service providing advice, support and treatment to the relatives, carers and patients of those physiotherapy in neuro conditions pdf have had an acquired brain injury, stroke or neurological condition. Other groups include upper limb group, balance group, cognitive rehabilitation, baking group and fatigue management for multiple sclerosis.

New patients Patients can be referred to the service by their GP, medical consultant, other health professionals, social worker, external agencies or charities. Patients can self-refer unless they have a diagnosis of CFS which requires a medical referral to ensure that the diagnosis has been confirmed. What type of professionals are you likely to see? Existing patients Patients already known to the service will be regularly reviewed. Yes, this service is provided across the whole of Shropshire.

Do you see patients at home? Yes, we do see patients at home when it is absolutely necessary or appropriate to do so because we need to assess them in their home environment. We can see more patients if they can attend our clinics. How often will patients be seen?

This will depend on the needs of the patient. At the most, they may be seen by one or two therapists once a week or fortnight initially but this is usually gradually reduced. The service is not time-limited and patients will continue to be seen whilst they are still making rehabilitation gains. This varies from patient to patient and all treatment is individualised to their needs.

You can find out more about information about this on our SEND reforms and Local Offers page. The service is based at Shropshire Rehabilitation Centre, Lancaster Road, Shrewsbury, SY1 3NJ from which outpatient appointments, group work or home visits are organised. The service aims to help those with an ABI or neurological condition make the best possible recovery, achieve their goals, help them cope both physically and emotionally and to provide relatives and carers with advice, support and information. The key purpose is to maximise independence and rehabilitation potential and is a specialised service for those over 16years with an acquired brain injury or neurological condition. Activities include individual work, group sessions, functional groups such as baking. We offer ongoing support to patients, carers and family members.

What do you provide to children and young people with an additional need and or disability 0-25yrs? We offer a service for those with acquired brain injury, stroke, neurological conditions or CFS. They receive the same core service as any other service user. We specialise in acquired and neurological disability. Do we provide support for parents and carers?