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About: I’m a police officer in Michigan and enjoy home improvement projects, and pdf fill form npm on machinesany machine, from wristwatches to guns to cars to cameras. Anyone who’s ever attempted to fill out a Carbine Club Data Sheet knows how intimidating the process can be, especially if it’s your first time.

Since I was unable to find a “How To” guide when I first started doing these sheets, I figured I’d make one. Hopefully, this will save someone the frustration and confusion that I felt when I did my first few. If you’re not already a member, I would highly recommend joining the Carbine Club, it’s a great source of information for anyone interested in the M1 Carbine and its variants. If this is the first time doing this, plan on it taking about an hour. If you’re planning on disassembling the bolt, a bolt disassembly tool is highly recommended, as it’s a tricky, and often frustrating, operation.

I put the stripped parts in a bit of solvent while I’m taking them apart, and clean them with a toothbrush and oil them lightly before reassembly. As mentioned before, the first time you fill out a data sheet, plan on at least an hour, so you’re not rushing and can take your time. Once you’ve done a few, you can probably crank them out in 15-30 minutes, less if you don’t disassemble the bolt, and even less if you don’t disassemble the trigger group. In my experience, bolt disassembly is probably the most difficult part, although it’s probably easier with the proper tool. Trigger housing disassembly is the next hardest, but fairly easy if you have a little practice and dexterity. Everything else is pretty straightforward and not too challenging. This is a good guide with photos on field stripping and reassembly of the M1 Carbine in .

This is the online version of the same article. Now that it’s field stripped, let’s break down the individual components. Here is a guide with photos on detail stripping the trigger group. Here is a guide for detail stripping the bolt with the bolt tool.

Here is a guide for detail stripping the bolt without the bolt toolnot recommended unless you’re fairly calm under pressure! I usually fill out my sheets from the “outside in,” saving the more “tricky” parts for last. A thank you and photo credits to all who have helped contribute to this project, including thomasmorton21 and EARRNHARDT3 from the CMP forums. This is pretty self explanatory, but you have to start somewhere. At the top of the page, put your name down where it says “Reporter. Now we’ll start filling in boxes, in the upper right corner, with the “Manufacturer” box.

Manufacturer – This can be tricky to find, as the manufacturer’s name is frequently covered by the adjustable rear sight. One way is to tilt the receiver at different angles to try to see if anything shows itself. For example, in the first photo, the beginning of the word “Winchester” cab be seen under the rear sight. In the second photo, the “U” for Underwood is barely visible. In the third photo, Inland is almost completely legiblesome ARE easier than others. Serial Number – which should be behind the rear sight.

Sometimes it’s repeated in other places on the receiver. Code or Marking Below Serial Number – This code is usually stamped below the serial number, on the beveled area. The photos show an example of these subcontractor codes. The fifth photo shows an Underwood “B” code, indicating the receiver was made by Singer Sewing Machine for Underwood. Right below the “Manufacturer” box, on the right side of the sheet, is the barrel information. Examine the barrel closely, there can be any number of marks.

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