/Nfpa 72 2002 pdf

Nfpa 72 2002 pdf

Notifier AFP-200 Installation Manual Analog fire panel. 2002 Rev: 15511:H2 ECN 02-436 Technical Nfpa 72 2002 pdf Online!

Page 5: Table Of Contents 3. 7 How to Avoid Programming Errors . 4 How to Enter Program Change . 2 How to Enter Read Status .

5 Using the History Buffer . Page 7: Table Of Contents Specific Requirements . 133 Installing a Notifier 911AC . 133 Installing a UDACT 134 B. 3 NFPA 72 Auxiliary Fire Alarm System. Page 8 Clear the Verification Counter .

175 Clear the Entire History Buffer . 175 Set the Pre-Alarm for Alert or Action Level . 176 CRT-2 Configuration 176 Appendix J Expansion Power Supplies177 J. Page 9: Table Of Contents N. 3 Mounting the CHG-120 191 Mounting the Charger into a CAB-X3 Series Cabinet . 191 Mounting the Charger into a Battery Box .

4 Connecting the CHG-120 194 Connecting a CHG-120 to the AFP-200 . Page 14: Section 1 System Overview, General Description Section 1 System Overview 1. 1 General Description The AFP-200 is a compact, cost-effective, intelligent fire alarm control panel with an extensive list of powerful features. The power supply and all electronics are contained on a single circuit board, providing a complete fire control system for most applications. Page 15: Components EIA-232 terminal PRN printer CRT terminal To other FACP Figure 1 AFP-200 System Features 1. Page 16: Panel Sounder The control panel includes three dry contact relays for system alarm, system trouble, and supervisory.

Contacts are rated 2 A at 30 VDC and 0. Page 17: Main Assemblies, Cpu Board System Overview Main Assemblies 1. 4 Main Assemblies The AFP-200 main assemblies include the CPU board, the cabinet for enclosing the control panel, the transformer assembly, and the batteries. Page 18: Cabinet, Lcd Display, Transformer Assembly 1. SIZE SWITCH SETTINGS NO OF POINTS TENS as few as eight points. Refer to the NIB-96 Network ONES Interface Board manual for further information and installation instructions. Supply – Fcps, Battery Charger – Chg A single assembly containing both meters mounts in the lower-left corner of the AFP-200 cabinet as shown in Figure 3 on page 17.

Page 21: Trim Ring, Battery Box, Dress Panel, Marine Cabinet, Intelligent Detectors FSP-751. Same as FSI-751, but uses a FSI-751, FSP-751 photoelectric sensing chamber. Designed to provide open area protection. Page 22: Addressable Modules, Module Descriptions NFPA Style Y or Style Z. ONES ONES LOOP LOOP ADDRESS ADDRESS mounting box.

Page 23 LOOP ADDRESS FRM-1 XP5-C Modules. XP5-C Modules allow the AFP-200 to control a maximum of five individual circuits. Their function is similar to that of the control or relay modules described above. Ldm Series Lamp Driver Modules System Overview End-of-Line Devices 1. The AFM-32A is fixed at address 1, and will not accept expander modules. Time-stamps the printout with the current time-of-day and date.

Note: Time stamping is a function of the AFP-200 panel. 11 Specifications This section contains electrical specifications for the control panel. Primary AC connections are made through TB7 on the AFP-200. Wire size: minimum 14 AWG with 600 VAC insulation. Page 29: Semi-flush Mount System Overview Cabinet Dimensions 1. 2 Semi-flush Mount Figure 7 shows dimensions for semi-flush mounting of the AFP-200 cabinet using a TR-4XG Trim Ring.