/Misra c guidelines pdf

Misra c guidelines pdf

Background information What is the KOOS? Why assess health-related Quality of Life with the KOOS? What are the misra c guidelines pdf of the KOOS?

In which populations can the KOOS be used? KOOS has been used in patients 13-79 years of age. KOOS was developed by Ewa Roos and co-authors in the 1990s as an instrument to assess the patient’s opinion about their knee and associated problems. What are the KOOS subscales and what areas of health do they measure?

KOOS translations What translations are available? The English and Swedish versions were developed concurrently. All the available language versions can be downloaded as pdf files here. Do you want to translate the KOOS into another language? If you want to translate the KOOS into a new language, please contact us to be sure no other translation work in your intended language is currently underway. We recommend that you follow the guidelines for cross-cultural validation proposed by Beaton et al. We will assist in the appropriate formatting of the questionnaire.

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In what settings have the measurement properties of the KOOS been evaluated? In what settings have test-retest reliability of the KOOS been evaluated? 89 and KOOS QOL from 0. The minimal detectable changes were for KOOS Pain 6-6. 8-12, and for KOOS QOL 7-7. In studies of patients with knee OA, ICCs for KOOS Pain range from 0. 92 and KOOS QOL from 0.

89, and for KOOS QOL: 0. In studies of patients with knee OA the internal consistency range for KOOS Pain was 0. 98 and for KOOS QOL: 0. How was face and content validity of the KOOS assured?

The KOOS was developed in 1994-95. To ensure content validity for subjects with ACL injury, meniscus injury, and early osteoarthritis, we reviewed the literature, consulted an expert panel and conducted a pilot study. TKR to confirm content validity for this group. Pain, Symptoms, ADL, and QOL was extremely or very important when deciding to have their knee operated on.

In what settings have KOOS’ construct validity been evaluated? In what settings is the KOOS responsive to change? KOOS’ responsiveness has been reported following surgical procedures including ACL reconstruction, meniscectomy, cartilage repair procedures, tibial osteotomy, total knee replacement as well as physical therapy, nutritional and pharmaceutical interventions. What is the Minimal Detectable Change of the KOOS in different settings? The more reliable a measure is, the smaller the difference that can be detected longitudinally.