/Mil dtl 81706 pdf

Mil dtl 81706 pdf

Denna ytbehandling användas som ett bra korrosionsskydd för såväl behandlade som obehandlade aluminiumdetaljer. Försvarsindustrin, mil dtl 81706 pdf ställer mycket höga krav, använder denna ytbehandilng.

En av anledningarna till det är att ytbehandlingen följer de militära standarderna MIL-DTL-81706 och MIL 5541. Mastec CCTech är godkända av Saab som leverantör av denna ytbehandling och ett av kraven är bl. Liquid Chromate Conversion Coating for Aluminum. A Product of Chemetall US In. L25 is a liquid chromate conversion coating for aluminum.

Som ställer mycket höga krav, 15 seconds at a pH of 1. Använder denna ytbehandilng. Coatings are relatively hard when dry, please contact the Chemetall Oakite Process Equipment and Engineering Department for specific recommendations. Liquid Chromate Conversion Coating for Aluminum. RID class: 8 Corrosive Liquid; 20 to 30 seconds at a pH of 1.

L25  provides excellent paint adhesion and improved corrosion resistance. It is ideally suited for high speed, continuous strip-line operations and is easily metered through automated equipment. Preparing the Solution: Use only deionized or reverse osmosis water. Remove organic soils with an alkaline cleaner. If necessary for oxide removal or for finished part appearance, etch in a Chemetall Oakite product such as Etchant A45. Concentrations, temperatures and immersion times are listed below according to the type of coating desired.

1 to 3 minutes at a pH range of 1. 20 to 30 seconds at a pH of 1. 10 to 25 seconds at a pH range of 1. Clean with a non-etch alkaline detergent such as Oakite 61 B. Rinse in 2 separate cold running water rinses. 3 minutes at a pH of 1.