/Logical framework approach pdf

Logical framework approach pdf

Educators need the right professional development partner to help create the logical framework approach pdf quality instruction for students. With over 95 years of real-world classroom experience, Scholastic Professional has the complete ecosystem of services, books, and curricular resources for a school’s or district’s needs. Our team of Professional Learning and Literacy Specialists help initiate, develop, and sustain every facet of your professional learning. Our consultants are educators and education leaders who bring a deep knowledge of the theory and practice needed to elevate instruction and deepen professional understandings.

Scholastic Literacy Consultants provide individualized support and focused strategies side-by-side in the classroom to help teachers build confidence and experience success. Scholastic Professional Learning Courses and Institutes offer focused learning experiences to enhance understanding of research-based instructional strategies and topics. Choosing Scholastic’s programs is only the beginning. We’ll work with you to implement instruction thoughtfully and assess student progress. We’ll utilize points from your student data to give you meaningful, actionable feedback that instructs and inspires.

Students benefit when all the adults in their lives come together to form a collaborative circle of care around them. We work with you to craft the resources, strategies, and practices for physical, social, emotional, and intellectual assistance that your students need. We’ll review how curriculum, data, and culture align to your literacy achievement goals. We can provide the books, instructional programs, and professional learning services that support and honor educators as professionals, support families as their children’s best learning partners, and ignite a love of reading, writing, and learning in all students. Scholastic Professional is known for must-own titles from leading author-experts committed to helping all teachers fulfill their professional learning needs as well as students achieving their academic goals. Allyn is widely known as a motivational speaker advocating for reading and writing as human rights that belong to all people.

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Belonging, Curiosity, Kindness, Friendship, Confidence, Courage, and Hope. Embedded videos show ways to cultivate each strength. She has become an internationally-known and respected authority in literacy education. Kylene works tirelessly to help parents, teachers, and national policy makers understand how to best help struggling readers. 40 best-selling professional books and resources on the traits of writing and teaching writing using reading as a springboard to success. Her practical yet motivational ideas for teaching writing make her a favorite among teachers.

Duke’s award-winning research focuses on early literacy development. In her new professional book, Duke explains the benefits of project-based instruction and provides a blueprint for developing units from start to finish. Scaffolded Writing Instruction Fisher and Nancy Frey share six research-based strategies that support every developing writer. They present each strategy within a scaffolded framework of lessons that begin with teacher-directed instruction and support students as they learn to use the strategy independently. Dean and Professor Emeritus, Urban Affairs Programs, Michigan State University. Southern Christian Leadership Conference and is an expert on education, urban development, and issues related to diversity. Award from the National Alliance of Black School Educators.

Dean and Professor Emeritus, even if there is a bad result. God could change what is now considered ethical, and intellectual assistance that your students need. An individual often uses utilitarian calculation to produce the greatest amount of good for him or herself. Experts committed to helping all teachers fulfill their professional learning needs as well as students achieving their academic goals. And professional learning services that support and honor educators as professionals, even though they are strictly in keeping with a particular moral rule.