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Liberty books gujarati pdf free download

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Why are such attacks happening in USA and EU but not in India? Examine the causes behind the increased frequency of hate speech in India, and its impact on internal security. Suggest measures to tackle the growing menace of hate speech on social media. Definition: Lone wolf is a radicalized individual, who carries out terror attack without enlisting in any particular terrorist outfit or receiving any formal training or funding from them. He is usually influenced and radicalized via internet, and is self-taught in the methods of mass murder. 1990s by white supremacists to encourage fellow racists to act alone in committing violent crimes against racial and religious minorities. Data: Between 2015 to 2017, there have been __ number of lone wolf attacks in EU and USA.

Unlike the commanders and cadres of conventional terrorist organizations such as JeM or LeT, these lone wolves are not in the radar of intelligence agencies. Hence they’re difficult to identify and capture, until their spontaneous attack. Difficult to differentiate between extremists who intend to commit attacks and those who simply express radical beliefs or issue hollow threats. Unlike the conventional terrorists who attack high value targets and sensitive public places, the Lone wolves tend to strike at places associated with their personal frustration, like a school, college, mall or public service commission. So, difficult to anticipate the location and augment security in advance. Lone wolves also have little or no constraints on their level of violence. Kashmiris or tribals respectively during their planned ambush.

Past incidents have proved, our local police is inadequate even to handle conventional attack, let alone Lone wolf attack. Lone wolves have been quite successful in India at throwing ink and shoes on politicians. ISIS recruitment and radicalization strategy revolves around social media. Western India where internet penetration is high.

Islamic State operatives or viewing the material posted. If they find a person is moving beyond a threshold, they trap and arrest him. Thus, while ISIS managed to radicalize some youths such as Areeb Majeed and Mehdi Masroor Biswas but their plans were foiled before any lone wolf attack could happen in India. In EU, possible to purchase small arms and ammunition from organized criminal gangs. The private security at shopping malls and public places discourage knife attacks.

There are no previous successful examples, for radicalized youth to emulate and get inspired from. While India has so far remained safe from Lone wolf attacks because of aforementioned reasons, all of its parents, citizens and security agencies must always remain vigilant over the activities of frustrated youth, to prevent such attacks. With their attacks in EU and USA, the Lone wolves have proven repeatedly that they can be as dangerous and have as much impact as the larger, better-financed, and better-trained terrorist organizations. Hence both the Indian state and its society must not show any laxity in preventing and thwarting their growth in India.