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Iq and the wealth of nations pdf

The relationship between nations and intelligence is a controversial area of study concerning differences between nations in average intelligence test scores, their possible causes, and their correlation with measures of social well-being and economic prosperity. Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen constructed IQ estimates for many countries using literature reviews, international student iq and the wealth of nations pdf studies and other methodologies to create estimates, which have been widely criticized on theoretical and methodological grounds. Hunt writes that economists traditionally view differences in wealth between nations in terms of human capital, which is a general term for the abilities of the workforce. However, some researchers have argued that differences in average intelligence between nations also play a role.

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According to Hunt, international studies of intelligence are important because they measure which populations possess the cognitive skills that are necessary in a post-industrial world. He also writes that genetics cannot be ruled out as a possible cause, but that education surely plays a major role, so one should not conclude that human capital in poor countries can never be improved. The 1981 article “Average IQ values in various European countries” by Vinko Buj is the only international IQ study that over a short time period has compared IQs using the same IQ test. It was probably done in the 1970s in the capital cities or in the biggest town in 21 European countries and Ghana. In the 2002 book IQ and the Wealth of Nations, and IQ and Global Inequality in 2006, Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen created estimates of average IQs for 113 nations.

They estimated IQs of 79 other nations based on neighboring nations or by other methods. In a 2010 paper, Lynn updated his estimates of national IQs from IQ and Global Inequality, and presented new estimated national IQs for 25 countries which had previously only been estimated from neighboring nations. Lynn and Vanhanen updated their estimates again in the 2013 book Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences. Several negative reviews of the book have been published in the scholarly literature. Susan Barnett and Wendy Williams wrote that “we see an edifice built on layer upon layer of arbitrary assumptions and selective data manipulation. The data on which the entire book is based are of questionable validity and are used in ways that cannot be justified.