/Introduction to community and public health pdf

Introduction to community and public health pdf

Introduction The Health Profiles provide a snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England. They are conversation starters, highlighting issues that can affect health in each introduction to community and public health pdf. Traditionally the Health Profiles have been a 4 page pdf report.

These reports have been produced annually since 2006 – all previous versions are available to download from this website. The most recent pdf report was published in July 2017 and contained 30 indicators. Indicators are reviewed regularly to ensure that they reflect important public health topics. This website allows you to explore and download the data using the online tool and to download the freely available pdf reports. Contact us’ section to email us. Future updates Health Profiles are Official Statistics, future releases are published on the Statistics Release Calendar.

The calendar includes both planned updates to the Health Profiles online tool and planned future releases of the annual Health Profiles pdfs. In addition to planned updates, the online tool is updated when new data become available for each indicator in the profile it is sourced from. Previous updates For details of previous updates visit the Health Profiles collection on GOV. Indicator updates are recorded in the recent updates box when new data become available for each indicator outside of planned Health Profiles updates. The Health Profiles online tool The pdf reports are supplemented by the Health Profiles online tool. The online tool is updated when new data become available for each indicator. START, Go to the data’ button.

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Frequently Asked Questions’ section for help with using the online tool. A minor error has been found in the Active Lives Survey data relating to activity rates. Sport England are working to ensure it is corrected and PHE will make revisions to the relevant data in our tools in April. Inequalities An additional domain called ‘Inequalities indicators’ was added to display indicators previously only available in the pdf reports.

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