/Influence by robert cialdini pdf free download

Influence by robert cialdini pdf free download

Poor structure to the communication As mentioned in Essentials of Business Communication, the structure of a communication is an essential factor in how well a business communication is received by an audience. It doesn’t matter whether that audience is an audience of one or one million, good structure is essential if a communication is to be ‘heard’ amongst the advertising and marketing ‘noise’ of today’s business influence by robert cialdini pdf free download. So a poor structure to your message or delivery is therefore a major barrier to effective communication.

If you are wondering if your message or communication has the optimal structure, it is probably a good idea to revisit the Essentials of Business Communication page. Weak delivery It doesn’t matter how important or impressive the subject of your communication is, if you deliver it without any ‘punch’ you will not get as many people to take your desired action as you would like. A weak delivery is like the very funny joke with the badly-told punchline — it is not as funny or as memorable as you remember the original to be. My mother is a shocker when it comes to jokes.

I remember one evening she was telling me a joke and, having successfully gotten all the way through the lead up, couldn’t remember the punchline. She fumbled and stumbled her way, but couldn’t get me to laugh. I couldn’t see what the joke was. So she rang the friend who told her the joke and got HER to tell me the punchline. What was incomprehensible and unfunny suddenly became extremely funny. It is important to not get confused between delivery and presenter. I know of one English businessman, Richard Branson, who is a shy and reticent public speaker.

Yet I have seen audiences hang on his every word. Branson may not be a powerful orator, but his message and its structure are very sound. Similarly, I know of several businessman who are extremely confident in the public’s gaze, very happy to be in front of an audience. But because their presentations and communications lack a suitable structure, they ‘lose’ their audience within minutes, the audience becoming increasingly confused and eventually frustrated by not being able to understand clearly and easily what on earth these businessmen are on about.

The use of the wrong medium You have to announce a temporary hold on non-essential stationery spending in your department. Believe it or not, I know of one company who were seriously considering holding a major public meeting about this, with the department head having to get up in front of the entire department in the staff restaurant and explain why her staff couldn’t order disposable fountain pens for a while. I know of one group that were thinking of rolling out a small internal initiative via an expensive multi-media cd-rom, one to be given to each member of staff. Similarly, an advertising campaign on local radio would be a highly ineffective way of reaching the desired audience if the message was complex and really intended for a narrow niche audience. What is the fixed cost of production?

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Are there ad agency fees, broadcast or print fees that must be paid, irrespective of the number or volume of items produced? What are the variable costs — such as cds, dvds, audio cassettes, printing costs? How long will it take to write, edit and produce your communication in your chosen medium? What percentage of your target audience will be likely to pay attention to your chosen medium? Is your message a complex one? How quickly do you need your audience to comprehend and take action on your message? A mixed message It is very hard for an audience — whether an audience of 1 or 1 million — to understand your communication if you unnecessarily obfuscate.

If you deliberately, or otherwise, confuse them. A HUGE barrier to business communication is the ability of ‘business-speak’ to confuse and alienate its audience. Enter your very own buzzwords term and hit “Buzz! An example of the latter is where a business communication mentions, in the one communication, two or more completely separate events. Such as, for example, a memo that talks about what management expect you to do to conform to the latest departmental stationery budget cuts alongside an events list of the up-coming staff picnic. Another barrier arising from mixed messages is when a previously-held stance is lightly overturned to meet some political or business expediency, then upheld again.

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