/In concert reading and writing pdf

In concert reading and writing pdf

Just send me a message and I’ll see what I can do! In the first in concert reading and writing pdf, say what you are reviewing and try to get the reader’s interest.

Give your opinion of what you are reviewing linked to the question in the second paragraph. Remember a review is not just a list of facts – it’s largely your opinion. Give more details of what your are reviewing linked to the questions in the input in one or two more paragraphs, but only focus on those you’ve been asked to develop. Summarise your view, using different words from the introduction, and include a recommendation. Use a personal or more neutral style, according to the target reader. It is important that you show a range of structures in the language of opinion, description and recommendation.

You have seen this announcement in your college English-language magazine. Music reviews wanted Have you been to a great music concert recently? Write us a review of the concert, telling us about the band or singer and their performance. Say whether you would recommend seeing them perform live. We will publish the best reviews next month. Write your review in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.

Without doubt, the British rock band Arctic Monkeys have given this year’s best live show. As teenagers a few years ago, they made the fastest selling album ever but seemed shy and awkward on stage. Now they have matured and become an amazing live act. Since the frontman Alex decided to cut his hair and dress like a skinny rock star of the 1950s, he moves confidently around the stage, waving his arms and encouraging us to shake our hips.

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