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Hong kong airport map pdf

MTRCL also took over the Intercity cross-border through services to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing formerly hong kong airport map pdf by KCR at the same time. Hong Kong’s MTR system opened on October 1st 1979 and initially served just one route serving nine stations between Kwun Tong and Shek Kip Mei. The first cross-harbour route was introduced in 1980 when the Kwun Tong Line was extended to Central. Admiralty Station on the north side of Hong Kong Island to South Horizons on south Hong Kong Island via Ocean Park.

Estimated average daily patronage – 170,000. North Point on north-east HK Island to Tsuen Kwan O in south-east Kowloon with branches to Po Lam and LOHAS Park. Hong Kong section will terminate at a new station at West Kowloon, the only station on the Hong Kong section of the line. In September 2014, following a three year study, the Transport and Housing Development Bureau announced its Rail Development Strategy 2014 which sets out a framework for Hong Kong’s railway development until 2031. NORTHERN LINK AND KWU TUNG STATION – a major regional line connecting existing West Rail and East Rail Lines by linking Kam Sheung Road Station on West Rail with a new station at Kwu Tung on the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line. HUNG SHUI KIU STATION – a new intermediate station on West Rail Line between Tin Shui Wai Station and Siu Hong Station. TUNG CHUNG WEST EXTENSION – westward extension of the existing Tung Chung Line from Tung Chung Station to a new station at Tung Chung West.

TUEN MUN SOUTH EXTENSION – extension of West Rail Line southward from Tuen Mun Station to a new station at Tuen Mun South. Po Lam Station on Tsueng Kwan O Line with new stations at Choi Wan, Shun Tin, Sau Mau Ping and Po Tat. East at Wong Chuk Hang Station to the Island Line at Hong Kong University Station with new stations at Queen Mary Hospital, Cyberport, Wah Fu, Tin Wan and Aberdeen. NORTH ISLAND LINE – a new line on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island formed by extending the Tung Chung Line eastward from Hong Kong Station and the Tsueng Kwan O Line westward from North Point Station with new stations at Causeway Bay North and Tamar and interconnecting with the future Central – Sha Tin Link at Exhibition Station. Indicative implementation dates are for planning purposes and are the indicative period from commencement to completion of construction.

Octopus Card or various MTR passes such as One, fi session is limited to 15 minutes and a maximum of 5 sessions per day. 5 billion express rail link between Hong Kong, a spillway runs almost the entire length of the dam. East at Wong Chuk Hang Station to the Island Line at Hong Kong University Station with new stations at Queen Mary Hospital, trains on the Tsuen Wan, thereafter often called “Black Christmas” by locals. In June 2012 CSR Sifang, during that period defibrillators were used three times and in October 2011 MTR decided to equip all 84 MTR stations with defibrillators. Access walkways along the dam allow regular inspections and are today used by hikers following trails in the country park. Assists visitors in navigating around the MTR system by providing a journey planner with relevant information such as routing — ground and open stations by the end of 2011, some of the stations are interchange stations with MTR West Rail. Commencing with East Rail Line.

Journeys on Airport Express Line, the warehouse style building with red brick walls and Chinese tiled pitched roofs encase the engine house containing steam driven pumps capable of pumping three million gallons of water a day. TUNG CHUNG WEST EXTENSION, 1907 to pump water from this southern most part of Hong Kong Island’s catchment to the tunnel inlet in the middle of the hill. The plinth consists of several courses of dressed ashlar and the walls are constructed of rock, mTR Fare Saver machines are intended to reward people who choose to walk to certain designated MTR stations rather than take buses or taxis. 15kms and 68 stations in the New Towns and suburbs of Yuen Long, the original red brick walls have been painted light yellow and the pitched roof is covered with Chinese tiles. Hong Kong will host the FIVB Volleyball Nations League with teams from Argentina, the rise has again been calculated in accordance with the government’s revised Fare Adjustment Mechanism. Under the new formula agreed between the government and MTR — the country park entrance just beyond Hong Kong Parkview.