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High altitude physiology pdf

The information contained on this page high altitude physiology pdf merely a summary of what I have learned. I am not a medical doctor. Consult your physician to receive reliable information before traveling to high elevations.

High Altitude in terms of human physiology is defined as an altitude exceeding 8,000 feet of elevation. As compared to high altitude for cooking being defined as above 3,000 feet of elevation. Colorado’s highest point is 14,433 feet at the summit of Mount Elbert. Relatively few people ever visit the summit of Mt. Elbert, however many of the popular tourist towns lie above the 8,000 foot mark.

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What is commonly refered to as Altitude sickness is broken down into three categories. Mild to moderate symptoms, posing no long term health risk. Fluid collecting in the lungs due to inadequate acclimation. Fluid collecting in the brain due to inadequate acclimation. HAPE and HACE are extremely rare below 12,000 feet elevation and so I will simply be focusing on AMS. In simple terms AMS is the result of your body not getting enough oxygen for an extended period of time. Symptoms usually take between a half hour and two hours to set in.

Physical activity increases the speed symptoms will appear. Unfortunately in todays society most people turn to some sort of medication first. Diamox is an effective medication used to help a person acclimatize faster. The easiest and most effective step towards preventing the effects of AMS is to drink large amounts of water. I recommend at least a minimum of a liter every 4 hours of inactivity and a liter every 2 hours of physical activity.