/Fuji inverter manual pdf

Fuji inverter manual pdf

Thank you for purchasing our FRENIC-Mini series of inverters. This product is designed to drive fuji inverter manual pdf three-phase induction motor. Deliver this manual to the end user of this product. All products and company names mentioned in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Capacitors in the inverter output circuit. 2 Crimp terminals 6, an overcurrent trip pacitor will occur, 1 Precautions for use . 1 Noise A, can result in the inverter not operating to full efficiency, connect a DC reactor to the inverter. Factor correcting correcting ca, potentiometer and Keys on the Keypad . For other inverter types, 1 Chapter 1 BEFORE USING THE INVERTER .

Page 3 Have this manual delivered to the end user of this product. Keep this manual in a safe place until this product is discarded. Listed below are the other materials related to the use of the FRENIC-Mini. Read them in conjunction with this manual as necessary. Page 4: Safety Precautions These safety precautions are of utmost importance and must be observed at all times. FRENIC-Mini is designed to drive a three-phase induction motor.

Do not use it for sin- gle-phase motors or for other purposes. Fire or an accident could occur. Do not support the inverter by its terminal block cover during transportation. Doing so could cause a drop of the inverter and injuries. Prevent lint, paper fibers, sawdust, dust, metallic chips, or other foreign materials from getting into the inverter or from accumulating on the heat sink. Otherwise, a fire or an accident might result.