/Ejercicios voz pasiva español pdf

Ejercicios voz pasiva español pdf

Haz ejercicios voz pasiva español pdf sobre el altavoz o “speaker”. Now choose a collocation from the previous exercise to complete the following sentences. You may need to change the form of the collocations.

I stopped to have a beer. I tried to lift the box but it was too heavy. Se intenta un experimento, test o prueba para ver si funciona. I like to get up at 6am. I like getting up at 6am.

Realmente me gusta realizar la actividad. Remember to buy milk on your way home. I remember kissing my first girlfriend. I forgot to phone Dad on his birthday. Se refiere a recordar u olvidar cosas que ocurrieron en el pasado.

We regret to inform you that your application for a loan of 5000 Euros has not been accepted. Normalmente se utiliza para comunicar malas noticias. Do you regret leaving school early and not going to university? Lamentas cosas que ocurrieron en el pasado. After winning the Kings Cup, Valencia went on to win the Champions League.

They went on complaining about their holiday all evening. Expresa que se continua realizando la misma actividad. Guardar el enlace” para salvar el fichero de sonido a tu equipo. Accede a los Podcast ya publicados. He shared a room with his two older brothers. The flight attendant told us to fasten our safety belts.