/Digital photography scott kelby pdf download

Digital photography scott kelby pdf download

2015: Apparently digital photography scott kelby pdf download of the end of 2014, Disney is no longer offering this free service. If anything changes I will update.

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If you know of any updates or news about these maps, feel free to comment here and I’ll update the post! I was there only Magic Kingdom and Epcot existed! Needless to say we had a great time and plan to go back again soon! After our trip this past summer to Disney World, I discovered that Disney offers FREE customized maps of your trip. You can select the attractions you want for each park, which are conveniently categorized under various age groups and you can have your maps sent directly to you at no cost! I only see this service available for Disney World and not Disneyland however, so this only applies to Orlando not Anaheim.

Since we had already gone on the trip, I decided to make a map of the attractions that we had actually visited, so I could use them in my Disney World vacation photo books. You may recall I made a similar map of the first port of our Disney Wonder cruise. Even easier, you can download pdf files of your completed maps instantly! I also ordered the physical ones that come in the mail too. Provide your address where you want the physical maps sent and also opt for the pdf download for instant access! The printed maps come in full color on a nice thick paper and with your family’s name printed on it for a nice touch.

I wouldn’t plan to bring them to the parks since you can pick up the standard, more detailed maps at the park entrance, but they are a nice keepsake to have and I love the free pdf version which makes it easy to incorporate a similar version into your photo books. You may have to convert them to jpeg format to be able to upload the images to a photo book company’s program, but that’s pretty easy to do with free software online or if you have your own image editor like Photoshop or the like. Here are a couple of the PDF versions. Note the downloadable versions lack your family’s name, but you still can choose which attractions appear.

You can easily add your own text or embellishments when you’re making your photo book! Also, check my blog for other Disney related posts here! Be sure to check out my CANVAS DEALS! Can You Find Disney’s Hidden Mickeys? This entry was posted on October 15, 2014 at 6:15 am. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL.