/Credit card fraud detection project pdf

Credit card fraud detection project pdf

This page contains a list of tools and credit card fraud detection project pdf that we use on a regular basis. Most of these tools have been created by our members and participating GSoc students, but some are also external and not affiliated with the Honeynet Project. We hope you find the below link collection useful.

APKinspector is a static analysis platform for android applications. Think of it as IDAPro for android applications. APKInspector was developed by Cong Zhen as part of GSoc 2011. This is a behavioral analysis tool of applications for the Win32 operating system family. Capture BAT is able to monitor the state of a system during the execution of applications and processing of documents, which provides an analyst with insights on how the software operates even if no source code is available. Capture-HPC is a high-interaction client honeypot framework.

Developed by Christian Seifert and Ramon Steenson of the New Zealand Chapter. CC2ASN is an online tool that allows one to lookup ASN and IP address ranges for a specific country. Malware is the raw-material associated with many cybercrime-related activities. Cuckoo is a lightweight solution that performs automated dynamic analysis of provided Windows binaries. It is able to return comprehensive reports on key API calls and network activity. Cuckoobox was originally developed as part of GSoc 2010 by Claudio Guarnieri and has been greatly enhanced in subsequent GSocs under Claudio’s leadership. Retrieve files from remote URLs and analyze them.

Trace relevant API calls for behavioral analysis. Run concurrent analysis on multiple machines. Dionaea is a low-interaction honeypot that captures attack payloads and malware. Dionaea is meant to be a nepenthes successor, embedding python as scripting language, using libemu to detect shellcodes, supporting ipv6 and tls. Dockpot is a high interaction SSH honeypot based on Docker.