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Please forward this error screen to 185. Yet despite all of these gains, women are still severely limited by gender pay inequality, which for a number of reasons keeps women’s average earnings at nearly 20 percent less than men’s career management greenhaus pdf earnings. Gender wage inequality: What we know and how we can fix it.

Women make up half of the U. The average earnings of all women who work full time, year round is 80. The wage gap is worse for black women and Latinas. Women’s earnings also support economic growth.

What are the causes of gender pay inequality, and what can we do about them? 7 billion in lost wages annually. Gender differences in work experience are largely because women are more likely than men to cut back their work hours or drop out of the labor force altogether due to family and other outside obligations. Policies that make it easier for women and men to be both workers and family caregivers such as paid family and medical leave and public support for universal childcare can help increase women’s work experience by allowing them to remain connected to the labor force.

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