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Appalachian trail companion pdf

The 25th annual edition of the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers’ Companion is now available for sale to help you plan your 2018 thru-hike or any other adventure on the A. It includes all the latest appalachian trail companion pdf updated in the fall by field editors and ATC staff who scoured the trail and its environs from Georgia to Maine for the latest updates.

7 mile over the last year. One new feature: If a box is shaded in the table section, it’s also further described in the text. We also added several hundred data points. Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers’ Companion is the only official ATC guidebook for thru-hikers, section-hikers and day-hikers on the Appalachian Trail. It contains a mountain’s worth of information and data on shelters, water sources, town services and other hiker-oriented facilities along the 2,189-mile trail. The information is compiled and published every year by ALDHA volunteers — many of them long-traveled veterans of the A.

8220This book is essential for planning an A. We bought it for our daughter and had to return it because it is SO essential, someone else got her one as well. Order it as early in the year as you can and you will pay a lower price. It is worth EVERY CENT you have to pay if you are going to thru-hike the A. Stephen Bothelon, posted January 2, 2017, on Amazon.

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It is available for sale online and at most outfitters, as well as bookstores that cater to outdoor interests. The book is edited by Robert “Sly” Sylvester with research by more than three dozen thru-hiker volunteers in 14 states, backed by the first-hand information of the trail’s volunteer and staff maintainers and managers, as well as extensive information from the current edition of the A. Proceeds go directly into hiker-related programs sponsored by ALDHA such as trail work trips and the Trail Days Hiker Feed. You can also get a low-rez PDF version of just the Companion for FREE by joining ALDHA. Join ALDHA now and get a free PDF version of the current edition of the “Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers’ Companion.

Digital Companion Request” in the subject line. If you are unsure which email address you gave us, just consult your copy of the Membership Directory. 10 a year and you will be entitled to receive the Companion PDF for free. If you would like to purchase a hard copy of The Companion, you may do so online, through the Online ALDHA Store.